Two Hausa Actresses in war of words over Senator Dino Melaye

Popular Hausa Actress, Teema Makamashi who recently sang for Senator Dino Melaye has called out her fellow Actress, Fati Muhammad for doing the same thing she did for the Senator.

Teema Makamashi recently Visited Senator Dino Melaye and presented a copy of the song she made for him in which she wished he become the next governor of Kogi State.

She also paid Dino Melaye condolence visit after he lost his mother.

Another Hausa, Actress Fati Muhammad has done the same thing for the Senator and that did not go well with Teema, she couldn't hide her feelings as she openly wrote a message on her Instagram page with the above picture: You will never have the love of Senator Dino Melaye except in your dream, I Sang for him and you did that too, I challenge you to do this if you can.

The picture above is Teema with a poster she made for Senator Dino Melaye and challenged the other Actress Fati Muhammad to do the same if she can, Although Teema did not mention the name of Fati Muhammad in her Instagram post the message could be deduced to be meant for her.

In what could be regarded as a response to Teema's Challenge, Fati Muhammad Posted pictures on her Instagram Page that showed her meeting with Senator Dino as she presents a copy of CD Plate that contains the song she made for him and a posted she made for him just like that of Teema, with a Message that reads: 'Thanks so much sir God bless you I really appreciate for what you did to me sir may God continue giving our mother R.I.P and forgive her Amin. May Allah uplift you and increase your wealth