Former APC presidential aspirant want The U.S. and Iran go to war because of the benefits Nigeria could drive

The All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba II, who lost to President Muhammadu Buhari in the Party's 2018 primary elections has said that he would like The United States of America and Iran to go to war because of the benefits Nigeria is going to get.

Garba's reason was that if the war holds there could be hike in oil price which would be good for Nigeria's budget.

Adam Garba II said "I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing for Nigeria, that the U.S & Iran should go to war. The Third Gulf War might be an important event for Nigeria since the hike in Oil Price could be good for our country's budget. As a pan Nigerian right wing, i would prefer the war"

Some people agreed with him while some were against his idea.

One of those that opposed to Garba's Idea with Twitter handle @seunmaiye said" I am 100% glad you decided to step down from the presidential race.

Electing you to call the shots for over 200 million people would have been a serious disaster.

How on God's earth will you be supporting a war simply because of personal gains?"

However, Garba responded to Seun with "If you see the gains Nigerians will make from this as personal, then I must commend you for this compliments. All we should care about for now is our countries growth and development. You are not responsible for citizens of IRAN or US but for Nigerians."

Even after president Donald Trump called back the military strike against Iran, Garba continued saying Iran should now start the War since according history some of their ancient rulers were never defeated in a war.

He said "I hear someone said the U.S pulled off from attacking Iran for humanitarian sake. Never! They pull off because the current risk playbook does not have many assurances of success. If the attack proceeded as currently planned, any potential miscalculation will be catastrophic.

There are good population of Shiite within the gulf, about 25% of Saudi populations are Shia. The world largest oil installation in Saudi is located in the Ghawar Province, a Shia majority site in Saudi. Qatar, Oman are friendly with Iran. Bahrain & Kuwait cannot do anything.

Iran has the largest military man capacity in that region with about 1.6M strong boots under the commands of revolutionary guard, with good training on guerrilla wars across the region through hisbollah networks. It’ll take boot on the ground of monumental proportions to succeed.

If the first trigger is fired, American boots are required on the ground, the entire gulf region will depend on US/Israel military support. If that didn’t succeed, it’ll signal a doom to Saudi ruling family & ended up cementing Iran as the preeminent power in the strait of Hormuz

Iran is a Persian state with long history of tradition & military conquest. Remember the Nebuchadnezzar, the Xexes, The Cosros? Are these are Iranian kings & have never need defeated in war. If eventually, Israel join in favor of Saudi & Turkey for Iran, it’ll mean World War III.

I think the Iranians should take the risk and go for this war."