See the way Ja'iz bank responded to customer who complaints about their staff leaving his duty to collect girl's number

A jazz Bank customer complaints to the bank via twitter that one of their staffs abandoned his duty to follow and collect girl's number while customer were on the queue.

The Bank response will surprise you.

"Assalam @jaizbank
 i went to your Zoo road branch kano yesterday to change my alert receiving phone number, at exactly 10:45am. I met a number of 10 or more customers in the CC reception, a young beautiful girl which i dont know her or her name caught my attention wearing

A dark blue (shadda) and yellow veil. I finished before her, i waited for almost 20mins outside to meet that girl wen she was coming out a tall, slim staff from the CC counter followed her out for her number living his duty and the customers stranded. he collected her number and

She saw me standing but she doesn't know my intensions. I so much respect women, i refused to approach her for her not to feel cheap and disrespected. What am trying to say is if he had stayed and in his duty post i would be happy by now. @JaizBank'

Ja'iz Bank responded as follows:

'Its very unprofessional for the staff that left his duty post during working hour to get number, we will investigate this and take all the necessary precautions for this not to happen again.

The lesson behind this is ' You don't wait for opportunity, you create it .'