Some of us don't perform prayer-Repentant Boko Haram Member

Repentant Boko Haram member narrated how he lived with the deadly group in an exclusive interview with the BBC.

The man who spent 8 years with the Boko Haram group said he wouldn't want his name to be disclosed.

He said that he joined Boko Haram because he was jobless and had no source of income.

At that time they were paying us 3000 Naira whenever we carry out an attack, or we kidnapped someone and ransom was paid or we go for gathering of intelligent report.

The young man said he and his friends were lured into Boko Haram because they were told they would be working for Islam.

He said but after joining the group they found out that its activities were far from Islamic teachings.

"When I read Qur'an I see that Allah forbids alcohol, Fornication but Boko Haram Members uses hard drugs, they abduct women and rape them, some of them don't even pray but they will attack and kill those who perform prayers "

That's why we decided to leave the group.

Initially we were in town but we later relocated to bush and from there they stopped paying us money and forbade us from coming to town, when the leaders want to go to town they ask us what we need so that they will buy for us.

They threatened to kill whoever try to leave the group.

We only go to town when they send us to carry out attack or they want us to gather intelligent report for them before carrying an attack.

We have never seen Shekau or any of his close allies.

Some of us were hoping to see shekau to kill him because of the hardship he subjected us to.

They lied to us that some big men will come and give us 500,000 to 600,000 but we have never seen them.

The young man said, his biggest regret was killing an elderly man when they were carrying out an attack.

"I didn't know how to handle gun very well and we attacked a village, I mistakenly killed the man"

That was my biggest regret, sometimes when I close my eyes i use to see that elderly man.

He said they left Boko Haram Camp in the Night when their leaders were asleep and surrendered to soldiers.

They were then given rehabilitation training and were given training on vocational skills.

He said he is now a Carpenter and happy.

This report is part of how Boko Haram started in the last ten years.

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