Check out A'isha Yesufu's response to a Troll call her woman that did her NYSC before First Degree'

Right Activist and co-covener of Bring Back Our Girls movement, A'isha Yesufu has become active again in Twitter after she has not been heard for sometime.

She shared a post saying. "Just Know may name is A'isha Yesufu i am more than a Twitter handle! I am a force to be reckoned with! A force here on earth on God's own terms & will quit on God's own terms. I have attachment to nothing even life itself! As for integrity i don't mouth it, I Act It!"

A follower just went and commented "the woman that did her NYSC before getting her first degree is back..Welcome back Dr. Aisha Yesufu.

She replied "Thank you. I actually got it even before Muhammadu Buhari wrote his Cambridge"