Mother and her child sleep at Nigerian Consulate waiting to be evacuated

 A young mother, sleeping at the Nigerian Consulate with her child, says she has no choice but to try to go back to her home country. 

She's among a number of Nigerian nationals who have fled their South African homes to safety, amidst attacks on foreign nationals. 
Earlier this week, a number of Nigerians flew home on a flight organised by their government. 

A second flight, scheduled to take off on Thursday, saw a number of delays. 

It's unclear when the next flight to Nigeria will take off. 

Speaking on the steps of the consulate, while holding her young child, the woman said, "I'm leaving South Africa because of the fight [sic] and it affect my area a lot. They burnt all the shops, some houses and even my flat. They came there. So I just have to leave".

She said she would wait there until there are enough buses to transport her to the airport.

The woman, who has been living in South Africa for five years now, says she doesn't know if she'll ever come back. 

She's hopeful that when she returns to Nigeria, her family will be able to help her.