Three ABU Zaria Students Invents non-smoking Charcoal

Three Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, ABU genius students have invented non-smoking charcoal from the Crop waste.

The students who called themselves Brycoal use Crop waste such as Corn stalks and Sugarcane bagasse, rice hulls to produce the non-smoking Charcoal.

They came up with the idea in order to help reduce deforestation which causes Climate change and erosion and also reduce the risk many women are exposed to while cooking with normal Charcoal.

The young Geniuses met at an event where afterwards they discussed and came up with this idea.

It was the Technology Incubation Centre in Kano that helped them actualized their idea through provision of the required equipment as reported by BBCHausa.

They participated in an English creative competition organised at Beyero University Kano and won first position, And subsequently participated in the African Innovation Challenge in which they also won first Position.

That gave them the opportunity to go to England and attend a program meant for training exceptional innovative people.

One of the student is in England where if they are lucky he will give them the opportunity of being among the 6 lucky innovative people to present their innovation to the United Nations.

If they become successful in the competition they might be supported in such a way that in the next 10 years, 10,000 people could be employed through their Innovation.